It’s lush, it’s beautiful and there is plenty of new life dotted across the horizon. All reasons to go on a safari in Botswana between October and March. This period is also known as the rainy season in Botswana and while the rain may be heavy at times, it is usually quite short-lived and doesn’t interfere with your Botswana safari. What awaits you instead is incredible and beautiful dramatic skies, breath-taking greenery and much fewer crowds to contend with. 

This is one of our favourite times go on a safari in Botswana, in all truthfulness.

It’s more affordable to travel during this time of year and the lodges are prepared for the rainy season in Botswana. All it requires from you is a sense of adventure and little flexibility! 

When you set off on your game drive, you’ll be sheltered by a covered game vehicle and your guide will have ponchos on board just in case so there really is nothing to worry about! So where does the adventure come in? Well, you may get a little stuck in the mud which is why if you’re not an experienced 4×4 driver – we recommend waiting for a few months…more on this later! The guides are well-trained and know how to get the vehicle out of any tricky situations. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – that’s for sure! 

With this being said, why should you go on safari in Botswana in the green season, really…

Well, the safari trips we plan are already private and exclusive, promising to show you some of the most incredible lodges Botswana has to offer. Combine these stunning accommodations with fewer tourists and you are in for an intimate safari experience in one of the most phenomenal safari destinations Africa has to offer. 

You still get the same high end experience Botswana is known for but at a discounted and affordable rate, so sit back, enjoy the tales around the campfire and so much more. Then you can share with your friends what it truly means to do a rainy season in Botswana safari. They’ll consider you a pro!

Get your cameras ready because travelling in these months means more vibrant and green landscapes to photograph.

Something Botswana is known for. With this, also comes incredible birding opportunities. A big plus for travelling during the rainy season in Botswana. This truly becomes a birders’ paradise, take in all the new species while admiring a stunning African sky with a rainbow in the background. Gosh, you’re sure to leave your friends and family jealous when you send photos back home. 

When travelling through the vastness of the Okavango Delta or the marsh of Savuti and Linyanti you can expect to stumble on more than one of the almost 600 bird species soaring across the sky or sitting in a tree. Or enjoy a boat cruise on the Chobe River where you can see colourful kingfishers, beautiful bishops and more. 

We mentioned it earlier, but new life! Botswana is teeming with it.

Yes, picture exploring the gorgeous salt pans of the Kalahari with those stunning dramatic skies and then all of a sudden, a herd of zebras pass by you as they make their way north to graze on fresh greenery. And then, you spot the young playful zebras in between and your day is made. Whether it’s a beautiful baby impala (of which there are plenty) or a tiny elephant trailing behind its mother – there is little that we find more captivating to watch. 

That being said,  with all the new life about, there are predators lurking too. All these babies do make for an easy target in Botswana. During your safaris, you stand a chance to stumble upon lions, cheetahs and wild dogs preying on the young – which of course is sad but also is the circle of life and makes for incredible viewing opportunities.

 So there you have it, why green season (rainy season in Botswana) is one of the best times to visit! Let’s start planning your perfect adventure.